Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A few weeks off..and a training tip

In an effort to make sure I stay mentally sharp and focused, I'm in the middle of a couple week hiatus. I wouldn't consider myself to be physically, mentally, or emotionally drained. I just wanted to take some time off so that I didn't get too far into the 'indoor' season and then suffer such a burnout.

I plan on doing a 4.5 mile road run for a local charity on Thanksgiving morning, and will need to condition myself for that, so I will probably get back to it at the end of this week. Based on some of the benchmarks I noted for myself during this past year, I should be able to start doing longer trainer rides by January, and hopefully hit my peak in August, when I am planning the attempt.

On a related note, I discovered an article over at Bicycling.com about doing running (on foot) intervals to improve performance. Definitely going to see what I can do to work that in, especially to break up the long and monotonous trainer sessions.

Until then, be safe out there...

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