About the Project

The Merckx Project is my endeavor to make an attempt at the "Hour Record," the record for the longest distance ridden in one hour on a bicycle.
  • Tentative attempt date of August 2015
  • The current ‘UCI’ hour record is a distance of 51.852 kilometers.
  • Attempt to be made at either the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook, IL or the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis, IN
  • Attempt will be made using a standard, fixed gear bicycle without the benefit of any aerodynamically optimized equipment. Also known as “Merckx Rules,” based on the type of bicycle used by Eddy Merckx during his record-setting ride in 1972

About Myself:
  • Married, father of two
  • Native and resident of Indianapolis, IN
  • Graduated from the University of Evansville in 2001 with a degree in Graphic Design
  • Developed type 1 diabetes in 1983

Exposure from The Merckx Project:
  • Planned distinct full riding kit including sponsors’ logos
  • Participation in various group rides, training rides, and time trial competitions in the metropolitan Indianapolis area
  • Social media presence on Twitter: @MerckxProject
  • Blog presence to chronicle the buildup to and experience of the hour record: http://themerckxproject.blogspot.com
  • Planned media releases and co-op opportunities with industry groups

Branding Presence for Sponsors:
  • Logo placement on official The Merckx Project jersey
  • Mentions on the official The Merckx Project blog and Twitter account
  • Customer Engagement opportunities at events attended by The Merckx Project
  • Logo placement and hyperlink to sponsor’s website on a special Sponsors Page of this blog
  • ‘The Merckx Project Sponsored by...’ naming privileges for select sponsors on all media releases, on the blog, and additional promotional materials