Sunday, March 31, 2013

Early Season Feedback

Was able to get outdoors twice this past week, and I feel pretty good about what I saw from my Strava/GPS results. I had been pretty worried that I was way behind where I wanted to be at this point in the year, and while I'm certainly not in optimum racing condition I did feel like I have a better base than I thought I would. I was dropped during the group ride on Thursday although I fully expected it going in. I can also blame it on my fit not being perfect and not being comfortable more than fatigue or lack of strength.

After Saturday's ride, I'm trying another new position (didn't i just say I felt it was nearly dialed in?) that is lower and farther forward than I had been. I think I've finally determined that the numbers that I am getting from all of the calculators are stretching me out more than my physique is able to accommodate comfortably. Getting past the mental block that I think I should be sitting higher than actually should will hopefully help. I guess we'll see how long this one lasts.

Tomorrow also begins the #30DaysOfBiking challenge, a social media event to encourage people to get out and ride their bicycles every day during the month of April. This should give me a lot of saddle time to find my fit. It will also give me a lot of opportunities to get on the bike purely for the sake of pedaling around the neighborhood or for a cup of coffee. A lot easier to get motivated to do that than to climb on the turbo day after day.

Hopefully, in a months time I will see continued improvement.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jersey Concepts

The Italian cycling apparel company Santini SMS held a jersey design contest recently to promote some new fabric or style they are releasing. The two below images are concepts of what I envision the official kit to look like once designed. Accommodations would be made for sponsor logos when necessary.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From around the web

here is a pretty nice read from The Wall Street Journal about finishing on top despite being last...

This Is Not A Story About Last Place

Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking forward to outdoor riding

Daylight savings time begins in a few weeks, and I am looking forward to it as it will finally allow me to have some outdoor time on the bike. I've been stuck on the trainer nearly all winter. And that has been inconsistent.

Despite not having the time on the trainer that I wanted I'm still in a base training pattern anyway. This should help prevent burnout in late summer. That is especially important if I am able to get the funding necessary to make my attempt in August.

I have also hit the restart button on my setup and fit, as I was unable to get into a position and fit that was comfortable. I know I have said it before, but this time I really do believe I am closer than I have been in a long time. I looked at multiple resources and calculators for proper bike fit. After taking various measurements and trying a couple of different combinations, I've got my saddle in a new place that already seems to be paying dividends.

I also addressed some of my bio-mechanical issues by raising the arch support for my right foot and adding a wedge under the cleat to roll my foot outward. I also discovered that my leg length inequality that I've suspected is enough to be measured by hand, and mostly occurs in my right lower leg. So with a little trial and error, and a few shims on the left cleat, I've got my cleats adjusted to compensate for the difference.

Between getting my saddle in the right place and my feet properly aligned, I think I've about gotten it right. I could have paid for a professional fit but I knew that it would be more valuable to learn it and figure it out on my own. Hopefully, I've done enough to alleviate the hip pain that bothered me all of last year and have myself in an efficient and still power-generating position.

My last trainer ride indicates that my fit is almost perfect and my fitness is in good shape. Eventually I'll need some speed work. But I think that with the impending increase in daylight and corresponding ability to ride outdoors, I am where I need to be to see results this year.