Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open Letter to Pat McQuaid from Greg LeMond

I didn't want to editorialize on this blog, but this I feel is important, and the message should be spread. In light of the recent developments in the USADA case against Lance Armstrong and his fellow conspirators from the US Postal heyday, many are calling for a change to the whole system. As I build toward the hour ride, it is important that the sport as a whole is in a position where my effort, if successful, will mean something.

Greg LeMond posted this to his Facebook timeline this evening.

Can anyone help me out? I know this sounds kind of lame but I am not well versed in social marketing. I would like to send a message to everyone that really loves cycling. I do not use twitter and do not have an organized way of getting some of my own "rage" out. I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f##k off and resign. I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling's history- resign Pat if you love cycling. Resign even if you hate the sport.
Pat McQuaid, you know dam well what has been going on in cycling, and if you want to deny it, then even more reasons why those who love cycling need to demand that you resign.
I have a file with what I believe is well documented proof that will exonerate Paul.
Pat in my opinion you and Hein are the corrupt part of the sport. I do not want to include everyone at the UCI because I believe that there are many, maybe most that work at the UCI that are dedicated to cycling, they do it out of the love of the sport, but you and your buddy Hein have destroyed the sport.
Pat, I thought you loved cycling? At one time you did and if you did love cycling please dig deep inside and remember that part of your life- allow cycling to grow and flourish- please! It is time to walk away. Walk away if you love cycling.
As a reminder I just want to point out that you recently you accused me of being the cause of USADA's investigation against Lance Armstrong. Why would you be inclined to go straight to me as the "cause"? Why shoot the messenger every time?
Every time you do this I get more and more entrenched. I was in your country over the last two weeks and I asked someone that knows you if you were someone that could be rehabilitated. His answer was very quick and it was not good for you. No was the answer, no, no , no!
The problem for sport is not drugs but corruption. You are the epitome of the word corruption.
You can read all about Webster's definition of corruption. If you want I can re-post my attorney's response to your letter where you threaten to sue me for calling the UCI corrupt. FYI I want to officially reiterate to you and Hein that in my opinion the two of your represent the essence of corruption.
I would encourage anyone that loves cycling to donate and support Paul in his fight against the Pat and Hein and the UCI. Skip lunch and donate the amount that you would have spent towards that Sunday buffet towards changing the sport of cycling.
I donated money for Paul's defense, and I am willing to donate a lot more, but I would like to use it to lobby for dramatic change in cycling. The sport does not need Pat McQuaid or Hein Verbruggen- if this sport is going to change it is now. Not next year, not down the road, now! Now or never!
People that really care about cycling have the power to change cycling- change it now by voicing your thought and donating money towards Paul Kimmage's defense, (Paul, I want to encourage you to not spend the money that has been donated to your defense fund on defending yourself in Switzerland. In my case, a USA citizen, I could care less if I lost the UCI's bogus lawsuit. Use the money to lobby for real change).
If people really want to clean the sport of cycling up all you have to do is put your money where your mouth is.
Don't buy a USA Cycling license. Give up racing for a year, just long enough to put the UCI and USA cycling out of business. We can then start from scratch and let the real lovers in cycling direct where and how the sport of cycling will go.
Please make a difference.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Haven't had much to report of late. Just riding when able, and that seems to be in great decline. Which is unfortunate, because I was finally hitting a point where I was noticing some gains. Might be a good time to shut it down for a few weeks though. Possibly focus on running instead. More so to prevent mental burnout than physical. I was able to spend a little time working on the cyclocross dismount/remount equation. Having never done it before nor having had to do it before it seems foreign and intimidating. But after about 20 minutes of riding around in a field and doing it, it became quite comfortable.

On the operational side of things, I've not had much luck finding sponsors as yet, and have refined the target list as a result. My original plan was to go for the big fish, hoping I could convince them to come on board through the novelty of the project and the 'charity' aspect of my being a diabetic. I'm starting to come around to targeting a lot of smaller sponsors as opposed to a few big ones.

More importantly, for now at least, I've also reached out to a few additional velodromes in an attempt to open ma dialogue with them. While my preferred first choice is still to make the ride at the Major Taylor Velodrome, I've realized that it would not hurt to have options in this regard as well. This way, theoretically, I will have options with scheduling and the scale of the event. I am hoping to be able to build an entire day of events around the ride to draw a crowd of more than just friends and family, thus allowing increased exposure and engagement for my sponsors. But I recognize that my first choice may be unable or unwilling to endorse such an approach. Additionally, I feel this make give me a bargaining chip in terms of my total costs, as I will have to buy track time. Being able to play two or three different venues against each other should not only benefit me in my attempt, but should also ensure that I get the full backing and support that I will need from that velodrome.