Friday, October 24, 2014

Heading Into the Indoor Season and Another Pro to Attempt The Hour

Your feet push on the pedals causing them to turn the cranks and the cranks turn the chainring which drives the chain which in turn causes the rear wheel to spin and drive the bicycle, the earth also moves in a 'cycle.' Just as all of these elements move in a repeating cycle, so does the earth in it's orbit, and by extension the seasons. The long hours of summer have again given way to shorter days and earlier sunsets. While the weather hasn't been too bad by my standards, I still have to accept that I am now into the indoor season and will be spending at least the weeknights on the trainer. Weather dependent, I still will have the weekends out on the roads to help offset the many hours of staring at the inside of my garage that are ahead.

As I make the transition into the next part of the year, another professional rider has announced he will make an attempt at the Hour. As most expected, the dominoes are starting to fall now that the rules have been changed and the hour has been made attainable again. Jens Voigt's recent success of raising the record to 51.115 kilometers is indeed the catalyst most had hoped for. This time, it will be made by a rider from the IAM Cycling team, Matthias Brändle. The attempt will occur in Aigle, Switzerland on October 30th. It is very good, from my perspective, to see these attempts being made for two reasons: 1) it harkens back to the 1980s and 1990s, before the rules were changed to limit the influence of technological innovation on the record, when attempts were taking place frequently and a greater audience was interested, and 2) increased interest helps me with my goals.

Here is a short promo video Brändle's team created, followed by a link to the announcement about the attempt. I think I need to find someone with a camera to shoot a promo video for myself...

Matthias Brandle Hour Record Attempt/

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