Sunday, March 31, 2013

Early Season Feedback

Was able to get outdoors twice this past week, and I feel pretty good about what I saw from my Strava/GPS results. I had been pretty worried that I was way behind where I wanted to be at this point in the year, and while I'm certainly not in optimum racing condition I did feel like I have a better base than I thought I would. I was dropped during the group ride on Thursday although I fully expected it going in. I can also blame it on my fit not being perfect and not being comfortable more than fatigue or lack of strength.

After Saturday's ride, I'm trying another new position (didn't i just say I felt it was nearly dialed in?) that is lower and farther forward than I had been. I think I've finally determined that the numbers that I am getting from all of the calculators are stretching me out more than my physique is able to accommodate comfortably. Getting past the mental block that I think I should be sitting higher than actually should will hopefully help. I guess we'll see how long this one lasts.

Tomorrow also begins the #30DaysOfBiking challenge, a social media event to encourage people to get out and ride their bicycles every day during the month of April. This should give me a lot of saddle time to find my fit. It will also give me a lot of opportunities to get on the bike purely for the sake of pedaling around the neighborhood or for a cup of coffee. A lot easier to get motivated to do that than to climb on the turbo day after day.

Hopefully, in a months time I will see continued improvement.

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